Why is There a Large Range in Eyewear Pricing?

Why is There a Large Range in Eyewear Pricing?

Aug 09, 2018

At Glendale Eye in Glendale, CA, we strive to keep our line of communication very open between our patients and us. The way that we are able to be so open in how we run our practice and the things behind the scenes is by providing you with current information about certain topics such as why there is a large range in eyewear pricing. In the following article, we will discuss exactly that and help you possibly decide more easily in the future.

Just to set an example, it’s very common to see sunglasses cost around $40 While others are priced over $1,000 people. With such a vast price difference, you can be wondering if what you’re really getting comes with value.

Frame Materials and Construction

As with all goods consumed, there’s always something for every budget. Low grade frames that are sourced from China cost less than $5 wholesale. This grade A-frames can be stiff, cannot be repeatedly adjusted, have cheaper hinges that loosen quickly and use lower-grade dies and paints. On top of that, quality control is variable. Within this price range you can also find nickel alloy frames that are inexpensive, but have oftentimes been found to cause skin reactions when the protective paint wears off and exposes the metal. As you slowly but surely move up in price bracket, the metals become more lightweight, hypoallergenic, and flexible that include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and memory metal alloys. These kinds of frames typically use high-quality European hinges and multi-layered paint finishes. Plastics with a higher price point tend to be more flexible, with multi-layer plastic sheets that pad string and color depth to your frame.

Optical Lens Design and Manufacturing

On to the topic of optical lenses, basic prescription lenses that are mass-produced can be bought at a wholesale value of $10 per pair. These kinds of lenses are commonly made of polycarbonate. However, their soft nature makes them more susceptible to scratches. As you begin to move up in price, you switch from cheap single layer Coatings to multi-layered anti-glare and hard coat. These higher index materials allow for thinner and lightweight lenses. Newest in technology, digital lenses, use computer mapping to custom-design lenses that are perfect for your frame shape, the distance away from your eye, and how you move your eyes for different tasks. Lenses with higher price points also include high-quality progressive multifocal lenses that are individually compensated and used to minimize distortion levels.


Another thing to keep in mind as well is that the level of customer service provided makes its way into the final product that year incurring as a cost. At Glendale Eye, we make sure that the cost reflects the service you get and then some. We work tirelessly to ensure our patients are well taken care of, no mistakes are made, and that you leave our office, not only seeing better, but also feeling better! Give our office a call today to schedule a consultation.

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