Phacoemulsification: An Effective Solution to Retain Clear and Sharp Vision

Phacoemulsification: An Effective Solution to Retain Clear and Sharp Vision

Jun 03, 2021

The eyes are the most precious organ in the human body. They are the two small windows that enable us to see the beautiful world. As we age, the vision becomes cloudy and blur because of malfunctioning in the capacity of eye-lens to make sharp focus.

Phacoemulsification is the solution available to get it correct. It is a simple surgical procedure that breaks or removes the cloudy lens or cataract.
Patients restore their vision after this process is done. The surgery has proved out highly effective for recovering clear vision once again. Our cataract eye specialist in Glendale, CA is experienced and qualified. They are available for your assistance at any time.

How to Identify You Need Phacoemulsification?

As the lifestyle has been changing, we can’t say eyes lose their vision because of age. There are numerous reasons behind the poor vision. But when the eye lens gets cloudy or a cataract has been formed. Its removal is the only solution available and that could be done through phacoemulsification surgery.

In the initial stages, you can’t expect that your doctor will suggest you have surgery if the condition is minor. He/she might suggest you go with glasses to clear your vision. But as the lens becomes cloudier you might experience some signs so that you can identify the problem and can go for the right eye treatment.

Symptoms You Should Take Seriously

  • Gradual increase in blurry vision.
  • Poor central focus.
  • Frequent changes in your corrective lenses.
  • Difficulties in seeing things in sunlight.

These symptoms can be easily seen in younger people having diabetes and other eye diseases. Sometimes the vision becomes so poor that everyday life becomes so difficult, if you or your close ones experience the situation, it is the high time you must go for the surgery.

If your doctor will notice the deterioration in your eye lens, he/she will make a microscopic eye check-up to examine the eye condition before moving ahead with the surgery. There is a possibility for the occurrence of many types of cataracts. The eye check-up may include:

  • Microscopic examination of eye structures
  • Pupil dilation.
  • Assessment of visual fields.
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure and more.

In case the cataract is found in both eyes, the treatment for both would be carried out separately. The decision of surgery depends on the overall physical health of the human body. There is a certain health condition that might interfere with Phacoemulsification.

Expected Results

As a result of the process, people end up getting their vision power improved. The process is simple and there is no need for stitching and any kind of cutting meaning it can heal faster. The aftercare procedure is very simple only the eye drops and antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor.

When you recover, you can resume your life activities once again such a driving, reading, and sports, etc. There is no need to wear glasses.

Risks and Complications

If we talk about the risks, there is no life risk associated with the procedure. But the patients may experience bleeding from wounds, inflammation, etc.

  • After few days of the surgery, patients may experience double vision. These are rare cases that can be seen in many patients. In case you experience any of the symptoms, notify the eye doctor near you so that the corrective measures can be taken immediately.
  • Retinal detachment can be seen if there is weakness in the retina at the time of surgery.
  • Eyeball infection is another complication that may found. But in today’s time of modern technology, their chances of formation are rare. Your eye doctor may prescribe antibiotics to prevent the condition to occur. So, patients require taking all the necessary cautions so that everything goes as per your expectation.
  • There could form a secondary cataract after 2-3 years of the surgery. If this happens, it could be rectified using a laser.

The risks and complications completely depend on the overall well-being of an individual. If the person is healthy and follows the doctor’s prescriptions carefully, the chances for ill effects can be diminished.

Eyes are extremely important. Don’t let anything bad happen with them no matter if it is major or minor. Just go to your eye care doctor and get it correct as soon as possible. Glendale Eye Medical Group is one of the reliable places available where you can get your eye-related problems resolved effectively.

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