Is Facial Rejuvenation for Both Men & Women?

Is Facial Rejuvenation for Both Men & Women?

Mar 01, 2022

For a long time, people knew facial rejuvenation as a service available for women only. It is understandable because many skincare approaches are marketed to women who have a great interest in beauty and cosmetics. However, today, things have changed a lot that facial rejuvenation can now be done for both men and women.

What Is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation in Glendale, CA, is a treatment concerned with improving the aesthetic appearance of the face through restoring youthfulness. Facial rejuvenation procedures can either be surgical or non-surgical, as long as they restore facial youthfulness. As technological advancements continue to be integrated into everyday life, the approaches for facial rejuvenation differ in technique and invasiveness.

What Aspects of the Face Does Facial Rejuvenation Target?

At our eye clinic in Glendale, CA 91203, we receive many patients with varying concerns about their facial appearance. The target area for our facial rejuvenation protocols at Glendale Eye Medical Group is the skin of the face and neck region. The goal is usually to correct as many undesirable features on the face as possible to promote youthfulness. Some of the aspects we address, therefore, include the following:

  • Wrinkles – many people who seek facial rejuvenation near you are over 50 years old and have several wrinkles on their faces.
  • Laugh and frown lines – are typically located around the forehead, nose bridge, and corners of the mouth.
  • Jawline re-contouring
  • Vertical lines – especially along the neck region
  • Droopy cheekbones
  • Restoring lip fullness
  • Lifting the eyebrows

Top 4 Most-Effective Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

If you are keen enough, you will realize that there exist many skincare treatments for correcting facial flaws. You can achieve an even skin tone, get rid of scars, and restore fullness in your face. When it comes to facial rejuvenation treatments, the most popular ones for both men and women are:


It is a leading anti-aging treatment available in cosmetology today. Botox is very effective for removing wrinkles and restoring fullness in skin tissues. Technicians inject the botulinum toxin in specific areas of the face, including the cheeks, neck, and eye areas. Once the toxin is in your skin layers, it reduces muscle movements, usually temporarily. Reducing the movements will rid your face of wrinkles and lines that result from frequent facial muscle movements like frowning or smiling.

Dermal Fillers

They are great alternatives to Botox. They feature artificial Hyaluronic acid to supplement the natural one produced by your body since its production reduces as you age. Dermal fillers work great for contouring the face and restoring the fullness and volume of your cheekbones and lips.


It involves pricking minute injuries on the skin surface repeatedly to stimulate collagen production in high amounts. The role of collagen is for healing while ridding your face of any scars and discoloration.

Chemical Peels

It involves acid solutions like Trichloracetic Acid to correct various skin flaws, including scars, discoloration, age spots, and wrinkles. Chemical burns work by removing the damaged layers of the skin, allowing for regrowth of new skin cells and an increase in collagen production.

Why Both Men and Women Need Facial Rejuvenation?

Now, more than ever before, every gender is appreciating the importance of self-care and leading healthy lifestyles. Part of taking care of yourself involves minding your facial appearance. It is no longer stigmatized for men to try out makeup and indulge in other cosmetic-friendly activities. Besides, with models and actors to mirror, more men are gaining more confidence in aesthetic appeal.

In your pursuit of a youthful look, be cautious about the cosmetic approaches you choose. The goal should be to prioritize safety and health before beauty and youthfulness. Some tips to consider when seeking facial rejuvenation treatments are:

  • Get a certified professional to do it – whether an invasive or non-invasive procedure, ensure your dermatologist or physician is trained, experienced, and certified for such works.
  • Take care of your skin – even before any treatments or procedures, be proactive about caring for your skin.
  • Hydrate – both using beauty products and by drinking lots of water.
  • Stay out of direct sunlight – if you must, wear protective attire like hats and keep your skin hydrated. As a rule of thumb, always wear sunscreen.

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