Have You Been Taking Care of Your Eyes?

Have You Been Taking Care of Your Eyes?

Dec 17, 2018

Everyone knows that taking care of our health is critical, and from hitting the gym, taking morning jogs, and doing our best to eat healthy foods, we take health seriously. But one part of our bodies that we rely on for virtually everything we do gets overlooked—that’s our eyes!

Anyone with functional vision couldn’t imagine life without it, yet are we doing everything we could to ensure it lasts us a lifetime? Maybe you make routine visit an optometrist near you, but relatively few do. Glendale Eye Medical Group, premier optometrists in Glendale, have the inside scoop on eye health.

Often Neglected

Sadly, according to a recent survey, members of a national health club were 24% more likely to exercise at least three times per week than get their eyes checked. Further, while they had no problem hitting the appropriate targets on sleep, exercise, and even physicals, a whole third of participants hadn’t received an annual eye exam.

Of course, it’s absolutely important to take care of the rest of your body. But how would you get to the gym without good vision? It’s important to give your eyes the credit they deserve!

Major Consequences

Did you know your eyes can offer key evidence of other major problems in the body? The eyes can indicate high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. And of course, there are various other problems like glaucoma, cataracts, and various cancers that can develop both slowly over time or more suddenly. Eye health is much more than just seeing near or far well!

Additionally, these problems can affect both the young and old. There is no set age for problems of any kind to develop, regardless of whether they are more likely to appear in certain age groups. School nurses, for example, only check children for a specific range of vision, not full range—nevermind many of the other issues that may develop.

Make an Appointment Today

No one wants to sacrifice their vision, but that’s precisely what we do when we don’t make a routine eye exam. Eye exams are quick, affordable, and utilize the latest technology to be as efficient and effective as possible. If you’re looking for optometrists near you with superior service, of all the optometrists in 91203 area code, Glendale Eye Medical Group is the highest quality choice. Stop sacrificing the most vital of your senses, and make an appointment today.

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