Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment

Jul 01, 2019

Eyes are one of the most precious and delicate organs of our body. Any condition in the eye should be treated as early as possible. Lets’ have a look at one such eye issue- Dry Eyes.

What is Dry Eye?

It’s a common medical issue which affects over 30 million patients over the age of 50 in the United States alone and over 300 million people worldwide. Women are twice as prone to lack of moisture in eyes as compared to men. Common symptoms of the eye condition are blurred vision, redness, burning, itching, gritty or sandy feeling, and excessive tearing. You can get treatment in Glendale, CA.

A Little Background. What is a Tear?

Our tears consist of 3 main layers that create the tear film. There is a watery layer, an oil layer, and a mucous layer. Lack of moisture in eyes may be a result of insufficiency or irregularity of one or more of these layers. The ophthalmologist in 91203 will examine the tear film and device a customized treatment for managing your eye condition.

Treatment Options at Glendale eye medical group

Once the ophthalmologist has done proper diagnosis, a tailor-made treatment plan is designed. If the artificial tears are not sufficient, prescription medicines can be an option. The medications may take almost 6 weeks to notice an improvement and can have high success rate.

Punctual plug is another treatment for dry eyes. A small silicone plug is gently placed in the lower eyelid, which retains natural tear in your eye and offers relief and hydration. Plugs can last from months to years and the need for artificial tear reduces.

State of the Art Dry Eye Therapy

Lipiflow is a new treatment option that treats the common source of dry eye. The eyelids have hundreds of oil glands, which can develop blockage over the period of time. It causes a decrease in production of the protective oily layer of our tear film. Without these oils, eyes are susceptible to redness, burning, and grittiness. The Lipiflow procedure clears the blockage and restores gland function. It offers 80% effective and noticeable results within 6 weeks.

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