Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Recovery: Patient Healing Information

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Recovery: Patient Healing Information

Mar 16, 2019

In case when an individual suffers from dropping eyelid issues, blepharoplasty is right plastic surgery to obtain. It can help eliminate issue of sagging eyelid and can make you look younger. For better results, one must go for cosmetic eyelid surgery at Glendale Eye Medical Group.

How Much Time Should I Take Off from Work?

For cosmetic eyelid surgery recovery, you may need to take at least two weeks off from your work. This will help you rest properly so that better result with least side effect can be enjoyed.

Activities to Avoid

As suggested by surgeon, the patient must avoid the following activities after eyelid surgery for few days:

  • Smoking
  • Rubbing the eyes.
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Heavy lifting
  • Extreme exercise
  • Swimming
  • Saunas

Pain and Discomfort

A little pain and soreness may occur after the surgery which will vanish in few days. Doctors at Glendale Eye Medical Group suggest necessary medications and pain killers to eliminate pain and discomfort after the surgery.

Bruising and Swelling

Some patients may also notice brushing and swelling around the eyes just after the surgery. Swelling will diminish after the first week and brushing may start to fade after two weeks after the surgery. If the problem persists, one may consult a surgeon.

Dry Eye and Irritation

Issues such as dry eye and irritation can be reduced with the ointment as suggested by your doctor. This will help your eyelid to stay away from any infection. Further eye drop may also be suggested for dryness and discomfort in eyes.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

For few days after the surgery, the doctor may suggest you to stay away from sunlight. You may use sunglasses to avoid direct contact with sunlight when you are out. Your eyes may be sensitive to extreme light, following the surgery.

Avoid Wearing Contacts

People wearing lenses must go with glasses for at least two weeks. This is to keep infection away from your eyes.

For better suggestions and precautions you may consult experts at Glendale Eye Medical Group.

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