Common Symptoms Of Glaucoma & Its Treatment Options

Common Symptoms Of Glaucoma & Its Treatment Options

Apr 01, 2022

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the structure that transfers the image that forms on the retina to the brain. The brain interprets it, and that’s how you know what you’re seeing. Damage to the optic nerve invariably means blindness is imminent.

Types of Glaucoma

At Glendale Eye Medical Group, our eye doctors can determine the type of glaucoma that a patient has after conducting a comprehensive eye examination. You can also get glaucoma treatment in Glendale, CA, today. The different types of Glaucoma include:

Open-angle Glaucoma:

This is the most common kind of glaucoma. Because it doesn’t show any clear signs, it is the hardest to detect without an eye examination. The patient might lose their vision by the time they realize it because it progresses slowly. Eye doctors haven’t confirmed the exact cause of open-angle glaucoma yet, but they suspect that fluids can trigger it in the eyes that cannot get drained out, thereby causing pressure to the eyes. If the pressure continues to increase, it can damage the optic nerve.

Angle-closure / Closed-angle Glaucoma:

This type of glaucoma occurs when the iris moves forward, thereby covering or blocking the drainage corner. When this happens, fluid can not flow out or spread through the eyes, leading to eye pressure. When angle-closure glaucoma becomes critical (acute angle-closure glaucoma), it can lead to vision loss in a short period, unlike other types of glaucoma that take time to get worse. Therefore it is an emergency and requires immediate attention.

Normal-tension Glaucoma:

This type of glaucoma can occur even when the eye pressure is normal, but the optic nerve still suffers damage. Although eye doctors are unsure why that happens yet, they suspect it might be caused by a sensitive optic nerve or the optic nerve isn’t getting enough blood supply.

Congenital Glaucoma:

Unlike other types of glaucoma, this type occurs naturally and is more common in babies. This is caused by the natural inability to drain fluids out.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Many times, people who have open-angle glaucoma do not notice the signs early enough. It affects the eyes slowly, which makes its signs almost unnoticeable until the symptoms have gotten worse and the eye condition is at its progressive stage.

The good news is that you can prevent eye diseases like glaucoma from getting to a worse stage by getting an eye examination and eye care in Glendale regularly to know the health status of your eyes. Angle-closure glaucoma, on the other hand, has more noticeable signs and progresses faster than different types of glaucoma. If you have noticed the following signs, you should see a glaucoma doctor near you immediately:

  • Eye pain
  • Red eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Nausea
  • Intense headaches or migraine
  • Patchy blind spots in your peripheral or central vision
  • Light sensitivity

Risk Factors for Glaucoma

The following factors indicate a higher chance of developing the eye condition:

  • Age (those over the age of 60)
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • Eye injuries
  • Thin corneas
  • Use of eye drops or corticosteroid medications for an extensive period
  • Medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and heart diseases.
  • People who are short-sighted or long-sighted
  • People who are Asian, black, or Hispanic.

Treatment Options for Glaucoma

Although glaucoma is not curable, it is treatable, and one can avoid loss of vision, especially when it is detected on time. Depending on the severity or type of glaucoma, your eye doctor in 91203 can recommend the following type of treatment:

  • Eye drops
  • Oral treatments
  • Laser treatment
  • Surgery and other therapies

Looking for consultation for glaucoma treatment in Glendale, CA? Call us or schedule an appointment with Glendale Eye Medical Group today!

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