7 Important Tips to Take Care of Contact Lenses

7 Important Tips to Take Care of Contact Lenses

May 01, 2022

Whta is a Contact Lens?

A contact lens can be defined as a clear thin lens placed on the cornea of the eye to improve one’s vision. Contact lenses are worn by millions of people worldwide, enabling people to enjoy a full and clear field vision. Contact lenses can be worn to enhance the cosmetic appearance or achieve a therapeutic effect.

Step By Step Procedure of Putting on Contact Lenses

Before you begin this procedure, first make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned and dry. Start by opening the contact lens kit, and with the use of your fingertip, place the first lens in the non-dominant hand. Use the contact lens solution to rinse your lens, and then place the lens on the top part of the middle or index finger of the dominant hand. Next, counter-check the lens to ensure it is in perfect condition and that the side facing up is the correct one. When in the correct position, the lens edges turn up, forming a bowl. If you notice the wrong side is up, flip it gently and avoid using the lens if it appears to be damaged.

Next, face the mirror and use the free hand to hold open your lower and upper eyelids and put the lens in. You can choose to look upward to the ceiling or in front when placing the lens. To allow the lens to settle in place, slowly close your eye and roll the eye around or press the eyelid gently. Your contact lens should have a comfortable feel, and you should start seeing clearly after a few blinks. If the lens feels uncomfortable to your eye, take it out gently, rinse it, and repeat the process again.

How to Deal with an Uncomfortable Lens

You should know that contacts may feel a bit uncomfortable for the first few days. If the lens makes your eye feel dry, use rewetting drops exclusively made for contacts. Below are steps you can follow whenever you have a lens that hurts, feels scratchy, or irritates the eye.

  • In case of eye irritation, avoid rubbing your eyes as this can increase your discomfort or even damage the contact lens.
  • Wash your hands, dry them, and then remove and rinse the lens. The contact lens solution helps get rid of debris and dirt that sometimes get stuck to the lenses.
  • Carefully inspect your lens to ensure that it is neither damaged nor torn. If the lens is damaged, discard it and use a brand new one. However, if it is in an ideal state, reinsert it carefully into the eye after cleaning and rinsing it thoroughly.

If the above steps fail to work and your lens is still uncomfortable to wear, stop wearing the lenses and visit your eye doctor. Glendale Eye Medical Group is one of the clinics you can visit if you are looking for an optometrist near you. You can also get contact lenses from our Glendale eye doctor.

7 Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Contact Lenses

Here are the important tips to take care of contact lenses:

1. Always Clean Your Hands

One strict rule on contact lenses is to avoid touching the contacts at all costs without first cleaning your hands.

2. Never Sleep With Your Contact Lenses In

Never ever fall asleep with the contacts in whatever the circumstances, as this can permanently ruin your eye vision.

3. Avoid Cleaning Your Contacts With Water

Both bottled or tap water dries out contact lenses and can damage them permanently, risking bacterial eye infections, and for this reason, it is not used to clean the lens.

4. Mind Your Eye Makeup and Your Sweat

Be mindful of the external substances that come into contact with the lenses. For instance, makeup and sweat can smear onto your eyes and lenses.

5. Invest Only in Products that Your Eye Doctor Recommends

Your doctor may recommend a specific brand of contact lens cleaning solution or specific contact suppliers. Listening to your doctor’s instructions guarantees better results and fewer complications.

6. Remember to Take Care of the Contact Lens Case Too

If the case is dirty, the lens quality may be compromised.

7. Always Examine the Lenses Before You Put Them In

Sometimes the contacts can scratch or tear, especially if they are left to dry out. Taking a good look at the lenses each day will save you from such troubles.

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