10 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Glasses

10 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Glasses

Feb 16, 2019


It is no lie the temptation to purchase cheap glasses from an online website has probably crossed your mind once or twice before. Many people already buy cheap readers from their local grocery store. This may be a tempting and reasonable purchase to make, however there are several reasons to avoid cheap glasses. Our team at Glendale Eye Medical Group provides eye exams for patients in the nearby area of Glendale in order to help our patients and answer any questions they might have. Continue reading on to learn of 10 reasons why you should avoid cheap glasses.


Below are 10 factors to consider before buying that cheap pair of glasses:

  • Consider what is being cut in order to offer a cheaper price. Lower prices come with poorer quality of care and attention. An expert optometrist can provide you with custom care and attention by properly fitting your glasses.
  • Don’t fall for claims that the product is high quality. Cheaper prices will often mean cheaper quality.
  • A bigger selection can just be more confusing as you try to navigate sites.
  • Trying on the glasses virtually doesn’t guarantee satisfaction. Lighting and your face shape can both be distorted.
  • Cheap sunglasses can leave your eyes with more harm.
  • Cheap reading glasses can lead to eye strain leaving your eyes working even harder.
  • Cheap frames can cause skin irritation. Our team provides high quality frames that leave a comfortable fit.
  • Sellers cannot guarantee they will be around to provide the promised warranty commitments.
  • Don’t fall for thinking you can buy two glasses for the price of one. If they do not work out, you will be be out more money as you will need to buy yet another pair of glasses.
  • Cheap glasses will not leave you looking and feeling your best. Therefore, contact our optometrist in Glendale to learn more on how to provide your eyesight with the best quality of care. Call us today to set up your next appointment with a member of our staff and see how your can protect your eyesight.
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